What is Mediation?

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Mediation is about both parties winning and coming to an agreement that is fair and equitable to both in a dignified way.

Joint Property: Convenient Estate Planning Tools or a Legal Pitfalls?

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Lawyers, accountants and financial advisors have long promoted joint tenancy and joint bank accounts as a quick and easy estate-planning tool. The advantage: no probate fees. This is because of a legal principle called survivorship; it means that money and property held jointly automatically become the property of one joint owner upon the death of the other. The pitfall, however, … Read More

Retroactive Child Support: Claim it While You Can

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It is often said by judges and lawyers alike, that child support is “the right of the child”. What this means, is that parents who agree to reduce child support payments to below normal amounts or to waive them altogether will not always have their decisions respected by the courts. Even after agreements concerning child support have been reached, parents … Read More